Support Services Policy (Effective Date 20/07/2022)


We will use reasonable endeavours to provide support to assist you in your use of Qucate, but we do not provide any warranty or guarantee that we will be able to fix any problems or remedy any issues experienced by you in relation to Qucate.

Your subscription includes onboarding support, and you will also have access to our general support resources and direct support via

If we provide you with remote assistance, you agree to accept a software file onto your computer system(s) where necessary to allow us to provide that assistance, and you grant us the right to access your systems to provide such support.

We will not be required to provide support where any errors arise from: (i) your failure to fulfil or comply with your obligations under this Agreement; or (ii) any other circumstance where it is stated in the Documentation that such support will not be provided.

We will not provide technical support or other assistance for any Third-Party Services.


We may release enhancements or provide additional features for Qucate.

The frequency and how we release enhancements or provide additional features to you will be at our discretion.

We will use reasonable endeavours to notify you when we are going to provide such updates via a notification in Qucate or by sending an email to you.

Changes to the Support Services Policy

This Support Services Policy may be updated from time to time, and the latest version of the document is available at

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